Massandra Winery (EN) : „Массандра“ (RU) : „Масандра“ (UA)

massandra winery

The Crimean oldest winery Massandra has been producing fine wines for more than 110 years and has won international acclaim for their exceptional quality. The winery was built in 1894 – 1897 near Yalta, Crimea. Its long tunnels run deep into the granite of the mountains, ensure the perfect low temperature necessary for wine as it ages in oak casks and vats.

massandra winery

The subtropical air climate of the region and the protective shields of mountain chains create unique conditions for the production of high quality fortified and dessert wines, which combined with the extraordinary architectural merit of the cellars, have earned Massandra a position as one of Russia's nationally important sites.

massandra winery

Set against a mountain backdrop, the Massandra complex was built in the shape of a tetragon in 1894-1897 by Prince Lev Golitzin, appointed by Nicholas II, the Russian Emperor, to manage the production process at the winery. An accomplished winemaker, Golitzin devoted himself to developing the wines that suited the region best, and these wines define Massandra's output today.

Massandra Collection

massandra collection

Massandra Winery collection consists of sample of every vintage and superior Massandra wine with some magnificent European wines from the personal collection of Tsar and Prince Golitzin. Sherry de la Frontera (popularly known as the Massandra Sherry 1775) is one of the oldest wines in the world, produced in 1775.

massandra collection

Massandra Collection is one of the largest and truly unique collections of fine and rare wines in the world, estimated at over 1 million bottles, of various types and vintages which are recorded into the Guinness Book of Records. Massandra Collection comprises samples of every Massandra vintage, as well as some magnificent European wines from the personal collection of Prince Golitzin including some extremely rare bottles incorporating the Tsar's personal seal.

massandra collection

Massandra winery is successfully renewing and increasing its collection with new unique samples that together with old and rare wines has gained unparallel international reputation for its high product quality. A treasure library of ancient wines retains at least one bottle of every wine it makes. However, only a limited number of these historic wines are released over a period of time for sales where some of the most prestigious auctions list Massandra wines.


Table Wine

Table wine

Massandra Imperial Estate is known for its well recognized excellent table wines. Massandra best known table wine is Alushta, the only Dry Red Wine produced since 1937. Made of Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi, and Morastel grapes grown east along the coast near Alushta, this wine has been awarded three gold and one silver medals at International contests. Other famous Massandra table wines are Cabernet, Sauvignon and Saperavi.

Dessert Wine

Dessert wine

Massandra presents a great variety of dessert wines, including those from its wonderful collection. Muscat wines make a considerable number of this variety. A deep Muscat aroma, distinctive of this grape variety, makes the wine fabulous. Massandra South coast White Muscat, Surozh Kokur Dessert, Rose Muscat, Black Muscat, South Coast Pinot-Gris, Bastardo, Ayu-Dag Aleatico, South Coast Cagors, Ay-Serez are among the most famous of the dessert range.

Liqueur Wine

Liqueur wine

This wine type was referred as Port wine since the foundation of Massandra Winery due to special wine making technology. Red Stone White Muscat, Livadia White Muscat, Dessert Rose Muscat and Ai-Danil Pinot Gris are among the most famous of this range. Black Doctor is a fine red dessert wine of high quality. Made of local sort of grapes: Ekim-Kara, Kethessia, Capita-n-Kara, Lapa-Kara, Metin-Kara. he wine is sparked with ruby glints.