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Fine Wine
A great opportunity to buy Massandra wines in the UK. Just one click away from where you are! We have a selection of most popular Massandra fine wines.
Massandra Collection
One of the largest collections of fine and rare wines in the world, estimated at over 1 million bottles of various types and vintages, Massandra Collection comprises samples of every vintage and extremely rare bottles incorporating the Tsar's personal seal.
Discover Beautiful
Crimean Wine tourism whose purpose is or includes the tasting, consumption or purchase of wine, often at or near the source. Wine tourism can consist of visits to wineries, vineyards and restaurants known to offer unique vintages, as well as organized wine tours, wine festivals or other special events.
Wine Tasting
Massandra Club is a great opportunity to socialize in a friendly atmosphere with series of unique wine on a monthly basis. Enjoy wine and learn more about Massandra's rare, vintage and fine wines